Window & Wall Display Merchandise

We supply a full range of window & wall displays, each brand and building within a chain may differ from the last so we work alongside you in selecting the best display system that suits both your business and brand whilst considering the building type(s) in your chain.

Been a producer and not just a re-seller we are inpartial in what we advise would be the most suited to your business, considering such as capacity & style you desire. We work with you to discuss what is most suited to your requirements from the initial discussion to the final installation.

LED Illuminated Displays

LED Illuminated

Hoo on Rod Displays

Hook On Rod

Non Illum Cable Displays

Cable Displays

Non Illum Rod Displays

Rod Displays

Touch Screen Display

Touch Screen

Media Playing Screens

Media Playing

Slatwall Display

Slatwall Display
& Accessories

Freestanding Displays


Wall Display

Beautiful displays of various types and styles are available for your estate agent office. Our displays for windows can be LED illuminated cable pockets, rod displays, or non-illuminated cable/rod systems, display cubes or freestanding lectern units popular for use as part of low level estate agent window displays. Interactive window displays such as our through glass touch screen display and digital media rolling screens are becoming increasingly popular for alternative estate agent displays, whilst the more traditional slatwall display still remains popular and can be finished in a number of styles & colours to match your office interior and office furniture. Hook on rod displays, rotating window displays are also available amongst our variety of estate agent display systems. If it is not shown we also produce bespoke displays for use within the estate agent office interior.